A Colyton couple confesses they’re struggling to fathom how much their life has changed in the past 24 hours after winning more than $10 million in last night’s Powerball draw.
The Sydney residents held the only division one winning entry in Powerball draw 1365, drawn Thursday 14 July 2022. They scored the division one prize of $10,467,587.98.
The division one prize pool was boosted to more than $10 million due to the number of entries purchased in last night’s draw.
Speaking with us this afternoon, the elated winners shared they could barely believe the incredible win had fallen in their lap.
“I tell you what, today’s been a pretty good day,” the man laughed.

“We still haven’t had a chance to process it! We’ve been playing Powerball for 25 years.
“We’ve never won so much as a chook raffle or a meat tray.

“We’ll be laughing our way into retirement now that this has happened.

“Then who knows, we’d love to travel and help the rest of our family out too.”
The new multi-millionaire said he began shaking as soon as he scanned his winning entry and realised just how valuable it was.
“I could barely stand up!” he said.
“It certainly wasn’t what I expected to happen today.
“These things just don’t happen to people like us but I’m sure glad it did.
“Thank you so much!”
The couple’s winning entry was purchased at St Clair Newsagent, Shop 23, St Clair Shopping Centre, 155 Bennett Road, St Clair.
St Clair Newsagent owner Han Jiang said he’d been waiting for over a decade to sell a division one winning entry at the store.
“It’s such an exciting day for us. I can’t believe we sold a division one winning entry in Powerball,” he said. 
“It’s made my whole year and it honestly feels like I won the prize too!
“We’re so excited for the winners and I hope they have an incredible time celebrating this life-changing win.”