If one Aussie pockets this Thursday’s entire Powerball $80 million jackpot, they’ll immediately become the nation’s third-biggest lottery winner! 

They’ll share the title with only two other Australians who each won $80 million Powerball prizes last year. 

In March last year, a farmer from the Port Macquarie region pocketed an $80 million prize. Having battled drought and then bushfires in recent years, the Powerball winner saw the windfall as a welcome change of fortune. 

High on his shopping list was a new satellite television so he could enjoy more channels.

Then in July 2020, four days after the draw itself, a Dromana couple discovered they’d won $80 million – making them the happy owners of Victoria’s biggest ever lottery prize.

The only Australians who have won more than $80 million from an Australian lottery game are a Sydney mum who won a $107 million Powerball prize in 2019 and a Chatswood dad who won $96 million in Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot the same year.

Up to one-in-four Australian adults are expected to have an entry in this week’s $80 million Powerball draw, the biggest prize offered by any Australian lottery game so far this year. 

This Thursday’s $80 million draw is also only the eighth time Powerball has soared to this height in its 25-year history.

In 2021, there have been four Powerball division one winners who have collectively won $120 million. Two of these winners were from Queensland, while the other two were from New South Wales. 

As this is the biggest Australian lottery jackpot so far this year, we’re expecting things to become hectic in our lottery outlets and online.

You do need to be in it for the chance to win it. The draw closes at 7.30pm AEST on Thursday so make sure you beat the rush and get your entry early. 

We’d also recommend you register your entry to a player card or online account. If your numbers are drawn, you’ll want to know you’re a multi-millionaire as soon as possible.

By registering your entry, your prize is secure, and we can contact you with the winning news shortly after the draw.

Maybe we'll be speaking with you on Thursday night!