Thursday’s Powerball draw is already shaping up to be big! There’s a huge $50 million jackpot up for grabs and we’re sure Aussies across the country are already dreaming of what they could do with that incredible prize.  

But don’t forget, there is more than the division one prize on offer and no matter how big or small a win is -scoring any Powerball prize is guaranteed to power up the rest of your week!  

Recently we were fortunate enough to speak with two of our division two Powerball winners, who both scored some sensational prizes!  

These winners told us how they plan to play by their own rules, showing us that no matter the prize, it will still put a smile on your dial! 

South Penrith woman scores sweet $349,000 division two windfall  

We were pretty excited when a Snowtown woman won the entire $40 million Powerball jackpot in draw 1374 last month. However, in the very same draw there were also two Aussies who each scored a sweet division two prize of $349,847.55.   

One of them was a regular player from South Penrith who was equally excited about her fantastic Powerball win.  

“It was Friday morning, and I’d been home sick with COVID.  I couldn't sleep so I thought I’d just get up and I started making a coffee and then I checked The Lott app,” she recounted. 

“I saw what the balance was, and I thought, ‘oh my gosh, that's a lot of numbers, where’s my glasses.’ Once I put my glasses on, my first reaction was— excuse my language— ‘f***, f***, f***, oh my god!’ 

“It was a good medicine for COVID,” she laughed. 

“I always say to myself, you’ve gotta be in it to win it!” 

When asked how she would spend her winnings, the winner had a few grand plans already in mind. 

"First we're going to pay off all our bills.  Then we are going to do a knock down rebuild. 

“Our home is 45 years old, and we had plans before the win to renovate but now that we’ve got this, we’ll just knock it down and rebuild!” 

From meat tray to first big lottery loot! Cairns man celebrates $113,000 win  

Another winner we spoke with also proved that division two is pretty awesome!  

A North Queenslander bagged an amazing $113,992.40 from draw 1370 drawn Thursday, 18 August. While on the phone with this winner he recounted the moments he discovered his windfall.  

“The usual team member who serves me at the local newsagency scanned two of my tickets and said you’ve got two wins! The first ticket was in Oz Lotto, and I won about $11. Then, the second ticket was in Powerball, but wasn’t registering for some reason,” the winning man explained. 

“There was a poster in the newsagency that mentioned an unclaimed prize in Powerball and the lady said, ‘oh I think that might be you!’. 

“She then went to manually check the numbers and lo and behold, I’d won division two in Powerball!”  

“I was shocked! The most I’d ever won in my life was a meat tray from the pub.”. 

While the prize offers the potential for a lavish getaway to The Bahamas or a brand-new set of wheels, the chirpy Cairns player said he was still too mind-boggled to make any concrete plans. 

“We’re still deciding on our plans with the prize but we know it will go to good use,” he said. 

“I’ll know for a fact that I’ll take the wife and I out for a celebratory dinner. I don’t drink but she’ll have a champagne!” 

Don’t forget to grab your entry into this week’s $50 million Powerball draw 1378 before 7:30pm AEST on Thursday, 13 October.