A man from the Logan suburb of Underwood, south-east of Brisbane, is a testament to life’s twists and turns after winning $3 million in Powerball one week after being involved in a car accident.

The man has a new lease on life as a multi-millionaire after discovering his registered 18-game QuickPick entry in Powerball won a division one prize worth $3 million almost one week ago in draw 1049 on Thursday 23 June 2016.

The happy man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has beaten the odds on two occasions and couldn’t believe his incredible run of luck.

“It’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” he exclaimed.

“I had an 18-game QuickPick entry in Powerball and those numbers came up – that’s the luck of the draw!

“You really never know what life will deliver to you and what will happen next – I had such a close call when a car hit my car and thankfully no one was hurt and now the following week I’ve won the lotto!”

Since the man registered his entry to a Winners Circle card, Golden Casket was aware of his identity however could not get in touch with him to break the life-changing news since his membership details were out-of-date.

“I had no idea I’d won until I checked my ticket today!” the man explained.

“I have been playing Powerball all year and if I win any prizes I typically just wait for the cheque to come in the mail – but this time I’m more than happy to collect it!

“I’ve been working all my life and this win will mean I can now relax. I can also do a lot to help my children including clearing their mortgages.”

The division one winning Powerball entry was purchased at News Extra Springwood Mall, Shop 9 in Centro Shopping Centre, Fitzgerald Avenue in Springwood.

Gary Johns the owner of News Extra Springwood Mall said he couldn’t wait to let his customers’ know that the prize had been claimed.

“Wow! Half their luck!” Mr Johns exclaimed on hearing the winners’ story.

“For the last week, everyone has been asking about the Powerball win and whether anyone had come in yet to check their $3 million winning ticket.

“Now I can tell them that it’s gone to a local customer and someone who has good use for it – to share with their family.

“I’ll cross my fingers that some of that luck will rub off on our customers and we’ll have another win soon!”

Golden Casket reminds customers to keep the contact details registered to their Winners Circle card up-to-date so they don’t miss out on that dream-come-true phone call if they win first division.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1049 on Thursday 23 June were 36, 17, 35, 40, 8 and 10. The Powerball number was 13.