It’s possible someone in New South Wales is going to sleep this evening completely unaware they won tonight’s entire $80 million Powerball jackpot, and have been awarded the title of the third biggest lottery winner in Australian history. 

The mystery New South Wales player held the only entry with all seven winning numbers and the all-important Powerball number needed to win division one in tonight’s Powerball draw 1245 and take home $80,000,000.00...they just don't know it yet!

Our team do not have the complete contact details for the online player and have not been able to contact them and break the life-changing news. 

Imagine going to sleep tonight not knowing you’ve just won $80 million? That’s the reality for one New South Wales player after scoring division one in tonight’s Powerball draw!

An $80 million Powerball jackpot prize has only been won once previously, back in 2009 when it was shared by two division one winning entries – one each from New South Wales and Victoria.

Other Powerball players have told us they would use their windfall to travel the world, donate to charity and share with family. With a Powerball division one win you can well and truly play by your own rules!

We are encouraging everyone in New South Wales to check their entries because they may be the multi-millionaire we are searching for!

In addition to tonight’s $80 million division one prize, a total of 1,916,815 winners won more than $33.9 million in divisions two to nine. This included five division two winners, who each take home $188,293.35.