It’s no secret that Powerball is offering a big $60 million to Australians this week. 

With $60 million in your bank account, you could well and truly play by your own rules for the rest of your life! From buying private islands to building dream homes, the world could well and truly be your oyster! To celebrate, we’re looking back at six of our favourite Powerball winners. 


1. Wallet clean-out delivers $10 million Powerball dream! 

A tradie in his 30s was thanking a wallet clean out for his Powerball bounty in December 2017. 

The Queenslander was oblivious to the fact he was a multi-millionaire for 12 days, until he checked all the old lottery tickets in his wallet using the Lott app.

At the time our winner had no idea what he would do with his prize, but we have no doubt he has put at least some of his win to good use. 

2. Hardworking Ballarat man clocks off from work to never clock on again

Back in May last year, we broke the news to a Ballarat man that he had won an $8 million Powerball prize while he was at work. 

The completely gobsmacked winner said he had worked “freaking hard” all his life and could now take a step back and enjoy life.

3. Young Liverpool man calls Mum first

A young Liverpool man told us he has gone from “having little, to being insanely rich” after winning $20 million in a Powerball draw in July.

The winner was in for a sleepless night after checking his entry right before bed, and called his mum straight away to break the big news.

The man shared he really could play by his own rules now, with a trip to Las Vegas topping his bucket list.

4. Burleigh Heads man thinks $60 Million Powerball win is a joke

A Burleigh Heads man took some convincing that he had won a $60 million Powerball prize in November 2018.

When we called the man straight after the draw to let him know he was the sole division one winner he was completely bewildered!

The stunned winner shared that even though he was retired, he was young enough that he would still have plenty of time to enjoy his prize.  

5. Santa delivers a late Christmas gift to Samford mum

All of a Samford mum’s Christmases came at once when she scored a Powerball division one prize last Boxing Day! 

Collecting $24 million is something the mum had “only ever dreamed about” but she knew exactly what she was going to do with her windfall – share it with her kids.

We wonder how this next Christmas will compare to the excitement of last year. 

6. Sydney mum wins $107 million Powerball draw, and breaks records!  

And of course, we can’t forget a Sydney mum who took home an incredible $107 million in January 2019.

The win was one for the record books as it remains the biggest individual win in Australian lottery history. Her reaction to the prize is one we will never be able to forget – mistaking her $107 million win for a $107,000 prize! 

The healthcare professional was adamant she wouldn’t be retiring and her prize would allow her to do more health work for causes important to her. 


We can’t wait to see if someone will be taking home a $60 million prize this week. Don’t forget to grab your entries before draw close at 7:30pm AEST from your local retailer, online or via the Lott app.