A couple from Sunbury has breathed a collective sigh of relief that their eyes aren’t deceiving them and that they really are $20 million richer from last night’s Powerball draw.

The Melburnians held the only division one winning entry nationally in Powerball draw 1436, drawn Thursday 23 November 2023 and pocketed a total prize of $20,000,012.10.

The division one winning entry was unregistered, which meant we had no way of contacting the winners and had to wait for them to check their ticket and come forward.

The newly made multi-millionaires relayed the exact moment they discovered their life had changed forever when we confirmed their newfound fortune this morning.

“Wow, oh wow!” the winning wife exclaimed.

“That’s pretty incredible!

“We were so concerned that it wasn’t real. I think we checked the win about 10 times.

“We had to do something important this morning, so we hadn’t had a chance to check our Powerball ticket.

“When we came home, we decided to check the ticket and when the $20 million win appeared we honestly thought it was a scam.

“We manually keyed our ticket number into The Lott website and the same prize amount appeared. I checked the ticket once again, and then checked the winning numbers one more time.

“But now that you’ve confirmed the win once again, wow! We can’t get our heads around this.

“We buy tickets into the Powerball draws irregularly… on and off.

“It’s funny because on another line of the ticket we had won a division nine prize of $12.10. That’s usually all we win!

“We’re going to use the rest of today to process the win. It will take hours to process.”

With the prospect of $20 million coming their way, the dynamic duo had only one thing in mind with their bountiful bounty.

“We honestly had to make sure it was real first, so we haven’t had much of a proper think. But my husband had various thoughts,” she revealed.

“We will most likely help our family and friends and complete some other bits and bobs.

“We will be keeping the news of the win to ourselves.

“Thank you so much.”

Their winning entry was purchased at Nextra Sunbury, 14 Brook Street, Sunbury.

Nextra Sunbury manager Melissa Hubbard said she’s thrilled to hear the mystery winners had come forward to claim their multi-million-dollar prize.

“We were so excited to hear that we had sold a division one winning entry in the recent $20 million Powerball draw, and we couldn’t be happier for our winners,” she said.

“Our customers have been really excited to hear their local newsagency had helped changed the lives of a local and we’ve even had a customer tell us it’s the reason she buys her tickets from us!

“This is our 32nd division one winning entry since first opening and we can’t wait to grace more customers with winning tickets and winning smiles.

“We would love to congratulate the Sunbury couple on their life-changing win. We’re so happy for them to have the opportunity to make all their dreams come true.”