A mature-aged couple from Tatura were completely unaware that their 24-game QuickPick Powerball ticket had won $12.5 million in Thursday night’s $25 million Powerball draw, until they saw some familiar faces in their local newspaper.

The winning husband said he discovered the life-changing news that they were new multi-millionaires on Saturday morning.

“I had no idea we’d won until I noticed my newsagent, from newsXpress Tatura, was on the front of the newspaper with a headline to the effect – Where are you?” the man explained.

“I actually hadn’t checked my Powerball ticket at that point so I pulled it out and discovered I had the Powerball number 15 – and then the rest is history!

“I managed to remain rather calm but then I woke up my wife to tell her and she got the shock of her life!

“We’ve been thinking about taking an overseas holiday for years – one or two places come to mind.

“I just keep thinking what are the chances with a 24-game QuickPick! The newsagent John Lovel sold it to me so he must have the lucky touch!

“It’s all starting to sink in now and so far we’re managing to keep a lid on it!”

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their unregistered 24-game QuickPick entry from newsXpress Tatura, 138 Hogan Street in Tatura.

John and Jenny Lovel are the owners of newsXpress Tatura and are delighted that their winning customers are Tatura locals.

“It could have been won by someone passing through town, so it’s wonderful to know it’s been won a local Tatura couple!” Mr Lovel exclaimed.

“It’s great news for a small town like Tatura to have a local win of $12.5 million!“We hope our winning trend continues – this is our third division one winning ticket we’ve sold in the past 14 months so we’re on a roll!”

There were two division one winning entries in the $25 million Powerball draw 1065 on Thursday 13 October 2016, each claiming a division one share worth $12,500,000.00.

Along with the winning entry purchased in Tatura, the other winning ticket was purchased in Queensland via theLott.com.au – Australia’s official online entry.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1065 on Thursday 13 October were 8, 2, 13, 36, 31 and 6. The all-important Powerball number was 15.