The end of the year is fast approaching but Powerball isn’t slowing down just yet. The jackpot has climbed to $50 million for Thursday night’s draw, meaning more multi-millionaires could soon be made! 

If any Aussies do score a slice of the $50 million prize this week, they’ll join a crowd of other division one winners who’ve had a life-changing year. 

In fact, Powerball is on track to crown a stellar number of winners in 2022 and has already equalled or exceeded the number of division one winning entries won in each of the previous five years.

But with only six Powerball draws left this year, including this Thursday’s $50 million jackpot draw, the race is on to see just how many new winners will be made.  

Year Division one winning Powerball entries












18 (and counting!)

Curious to know who’s behind those 18 division one winning entries? Check out the rundown of this year’s winners to date: 

Month Division one winner Favourite winning reaction


A Brisbane man kicked off the year and was floored by a $60 million Powerball prize.

“You always daydream, but you never really expect it to happen. It’s a lottery after all!” – Brisbane winner



Two winning entries took out a $120 million jackpot, shared by a Coffs Harbour man and a Western Australian syndicate.

“I’ve started a wish list already. Straight up – a red sports car, a new house, holidays, you name it. I also really want to look after my family.” – Coffs Harbour winner


A Moree man and an Ocean grove syndicate shared a $20 million jackpot.

“It’s important we make some wise decisions for us and our family. It’s remarkable because we’re just average working people!” – Moree winner



A New South Wales player scored a $20 million prize.

The winner chose to celebrate in private but was delighted to be a newly minted multi-millionaire!


A Fairfield mother and St Albans woman shared an $80 million jackpot.


Later that month, a Hills Shire couple scored a $4 million Powerball prize.

“It’s hard to put the feeling of knowing you’ve won $40 million into words. I don’t think it’s truly hit me yet.” – St Albans winner


A Canberra dad picked up the phone to discover a $60 million Powerball prize.

“You know what? I had a feeling it was The Lott calling me! I thought, ‘They’re going to call me at 8.30pm tonight’. Wow! Wow! Wow!" – Canberra winner


A Colyton couple bagged a life-changing $10 million win.


A New South Wales player scores $4 million later that month but celebrated in private.

“We still haven’t had a chance to process it! We’ve been playing Powerball for 25 years.” – Colyton winners


A Truganina woman pocketed a $20 million prize.

“I’d put a ticket on for Powerball and my husband said to me, ‘Don’t bother, we’re never going to win!’. I guess I’ve proved him wrong!” – Truganina woman



A Snowtown mum scored a $40 million jackpot.


Just a few short weeks later, a Panania man scored $8 million.

“F*** off! F*** off! My brain isn’t working at the moment. Forty million dollars? Is this true?!” – Snowtown winners



Triple treat! The record-breaking $160 million jackpot was shared by a Clyde man, a Penrith dad, and a Western Australian syndicate.

“My grandson wanted a dog for Christmas and I was trying to organise it for him. He can have all the dogs in the world now!” – Clyde winner

If you’re dreaming of joining this winning list, then don’t miss your chance!

Powerball’s $50 million jackpot draw (1384) takes place on Thursday 24 November. Draw closes 7:30pm AEST.