Powerball is serving up an incredible $30 million jackpot in Thursday night’s draw. 

With an offer that good, Australians all across the country will be hungry for a chance to take out this windfall. 

While Powerball is a game of chance and all numbers have an equal chance of winning, there is a tantalizing array of entry types to choose from— some of which could prove to be the secret ingredient that gives you more chances to win! 

We’ve taken a look at these different entry types to give you a taste of what each one offers. All of these options can be played as either a Quick Pick or marked entry so you get to play your own way. 

See what’s on the menu below:

PowerHit entry
There’s nothing flakey about this option. The PowerHit guarantees you the all-important winning Powerball number— a huge benefit for players vying to take out that $30 million jackpot. Remember, a division one winning entry needs to match all seven winning numbers plus the Powerball.

System entry 
A System entry allows you to pick more numbers in a single game panel from the main barrel and play different combinations of those numbers. You can choose between eight and 20 numbers in a System entry, which gives you a greater chance of winning across multiple prize divisions. 

PowerHit System entry 
Mix your flavours and get the best of both worlds! A PowerHit System entry not only allows you to pick up to 15 numbers in a single game panel from the main barrel, it also guarantees that winning Powerball number. 

Pick entry
A Pick entry ensures you have either one or two winning numbers. Having one or two guaranteed winning numbers gives you more chances to win, and increased chances of winning across multiple prize divisions. 

PowerHit Pick entry
Another combo that packs a punch. This entry type guarantees the winning Powerball number, as well as one or two winning numbers from the main barrel. 

Syndicate entry
Share a banquet with friends! A syndicate entry allows you to pool your money with a group of players to buy bigger entries, which could increase your chances of winning. If your syndicate wins, the prize is shared amongst all group members. 

With such an appetizing selection of entry types to choose from, will you be trying one of these options?

Only time will tell if someone has cooked up a recipe for a big win. We’ll be standing by the phones waiting to deliver the sweet news!