From Melton to Cheltenham, TattsLotto big wins have showered on Melbourne players, with a quarter of the nation’s division one winning entries from Saturday’s draw coming from the city. 

Seven of the 27 division one winning entries across Australia in Saturday Lotto’s $20 Million Superdraw, draw 4061 on 20 June 2020, were purchased in Melbourne. Each entry won a division one prize of $740,740.75. 

The seven Melbourne TattsLotto division one winning entries were sold at:

  • Beaumaris News & Lotto, 2 South Concourse, Beaumaris
  • Cheltenham Pharmacy, 227 Warrigal Road, Cheltenham
  • Eight 8 Lotto, 276 Victoria Street, Richmond
  • Melton Lotto & TSG, 293 High Street, Melton
  • North Road Lotto & Post, 609 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East
  • Springvale Lotto, Shop 12, 268-274 Springvale Road, Springvale
  • Vic Market Lotto, Lot 4, Queen Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

So far, we have delivered the winning news to four of the winners – those from Beaumaris, Richmond, Melton and Springvale.  

The holders of the winning tickets from Cheltenham, Brighton East and Queen Victoria Market may have yet to realise their good fortune! Anyone who believes they’re holding a division one winning entry should call the Lott on 131 868 to start the prize claim process. 

Melton woman eyes Australian adventure with TattsLotto win 

A Melton woman is planning an unforgettable Australian odyssey in a new motorhome after pocketing a division one prize in the weekend’s draw. 

Speaking to us today, the Melbourne woman explained how she discovered her win. 

“I watched the draw and saw the winning numbers. They were the same numbers I’ve been using for 20 years,” she explained. 

“They’re all birthdates of family members. 

“Since then I’ve been checking my ticket all the time, just to make sure it’s true. I was awake half the night on Saturday night actually – just too excited. 

“I never thought this would happen. The highest we’ve won before is division four!”

When asked how she might use her $750,065.65 prize, the winner declared she’d always wanted to travel Australia when she could in a big, new motorhome. 

“We’d love to do that!” she laughed. 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning marked System 8 entry at Melton Lotto & TSG, 293 High Street, Melton. 

Melton Lotto & TSG owner Phong Thai said he couldn’t believe his outlet had sold a division one winning entry so soon after selling another major prize-winning ticket. 

“Last week, we sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its, which had all of us in a winning mood all week,” he said. 

“To see we then sold another big one, I was stoked and couldn’t believe it. 

“In January this year, we also sold an Oz Lotto prize worth $5.2 million. 

“Our store is known as a lucky store with 41 division one winning entries and four top-prize Instant Scratch-Its sold here over the years. There must be a reason why customers always call me Mr Lucky!”  

Richmond woman realises she’s a division one winner while watching TattsLotto draw

 A Richmond woman is still grappling with the revelation the numbers she watched drawn during Saturday’s televised TattsLotto draw are the same as those on her ticket. 

Confirming her win with an official from the Lott, the woman described how her heart started racing as she watched the draw on TV. “It’s bit of a shock,” the woman cried. 

“I was looking at the numbers on TV on Saturday night. I started crossing off the numbers on my ticket, and suddenly I thought ‘what the hell?’. 

“I just kept thinking ‘that’s all the numbers!’. 

“These are just random numbers I’ve had for a while. I wasn’t going to put them on, but then I thought ‘oh why not?. I’ll give it a go’. 

“It’s just a fluke and I’m one of those people lucky enough to win.” 

The Melbourne winner has yet to decide exactly how she’ll enjoy her $750,065.65 windfall. 

She purchased her marked System 8 entry at Eight 8 Lotto, 276 Victoria Street Richmond. 

Beaumaris retiree celebrates life-changing TattsLotto win 

A Beaumaris man has described his TattsLotto division one prize on the weekend as life-changing. 

In addition to winning the division one prize of $740,740.75, the man’s marked System entry also won division three 18 times, division four 45 times and division five 6 times, delivering a total win of $755,405.95. 

Speaking with us today, the man said he only discovered his weekend windfall when he checked his ticket at a Tatts outlet today. 

“I had no idea until I went into the newsagency and got the great news. They said they couldn’t pay the prize as it was too big and that’s when I realised I’d won a major prize,” he laughed. 

“It’s just fantastic. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m retired and in my situation, this will be enormous. It will change my life.

 “I’ve been playing these same numbers for a while and they finally came through!” 

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning marked System entry at Beaumaris News, Lotto & Gifts, 2 South Concourse, Beaumaris. 

Beaumaris News, Lotto & Gifts owner Yan Luo said she was thrilled one of her customers scored a division one win. 

“What fantastic news! We are really thrilled!” she said. 

“This is the first division one win since we took over the business about seven months ago. Unbelievable.

“All the best to the winner and we hope it changes his life and everyone he loves.” 

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 4061 on Saturday 20 June 2020 were 22, 17, 19, 29, 9 and 11, while the supplementary numbers were 14 and 21.