A Box Hill North woman has woken up a millionaire after this morning discovering she’d won $1 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. 

The Melbourne resident held one of the 10 division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4223 on Saturday 8 January 2022. Each division one winning entry scored $1 million. 

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” the winning woman cheered this morning as we broke the exciting news. 

“Hang on! I need to settle down. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?

“I can’t stop laughing right now. I’m crying tears. I’m so happy! This is unbelievable! 

“Hang on. I can’t stop shaking. I keep dropping the phone. “I don’t know what to do or think or say right now. I’m so overwhelmed.

“Oh my god. This is insane! 

“I am in a daze. This is such a shock! It’s so lovely. 

“This means we can help our children with their mortgages and our grandkids with their education. 

“We’d love to do some road trips around Australia as well. That would be really nice. It’ll pay off some bills as well. 

“Unfortunately, we have a busy day of running errands today, but we’ll go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. 

“My husband is going to be so shocked when he hears the news. Can you repeat this to him? He’s just walked in the room!”

“Holy moly! Are you serious? That’s amazing!” the husband laughed, admitting he had been in the shower unaware of the excitement unfolding.

“We’re millionaires!” 

The winner purchased her 12-game QuickPick online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.