When he saw the weekend’s winning TattsLotto numbers in the newspaper, a Cheltenham man instantly knew he was a division one winner as he recognised the lottery numbers he’d been using for decades. 

The Victorian held one of the 15 division one winning entries across Australia in TattsLotto draw 4157, drawn Saturday 22 May 2021.  Each division one winning entry took home $409,991.02. 

Speaking with us this afternoon, the euphoric winner said he was still coming to terms with the exciting win. 

“I actually checked the winning numbers in the paper on Sunday morning,” he admitted. 

“At first, I said to my wife, ‘hey, I think we have some of these numbers’. 

“I have been playing them for years and years; they’re sort of ingrained in me.

“Then I kept looking and instantly realised we actually had all of the numbers, but I said to my wife ‘let’s go into The Lott head office first. We don’t want to get too excited about this unless we know for sure’. 

“I just felt like someone was about to pull the rug out from under us and break our lottery dream! 

“But we really did win, and that’s a good feeling. 

“We had a few drinks on Sunday night, and then we just spent yesterday letting the news sink in.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his windfall, the Melbourne man didn’t hesitate. 

“We are going to give some to our kids, and the rest will be used for our retirement.” 

The winning System 7 winning entry was purchased at Cheltenham Newsagency, 332 Charman Road, Cheltenham. 

Cheltenham Newsagency’s Tandy Shen said the team was thrilled to hear of the win and was glad the winner had discovered the news. 

“That’s great news!” Tandy said. 

“We hope the winner enjoys their lottery prize! We would love to send our congratulations to our winner – we hope he enjoys it. 

“Fingers crossed we have some more division one wins.”