After buying TattsLotto tickets for two decades, a group of friends from Coburg can finally crack open their finest bottle of scotch to toast to their $633,000 division one success.

The Victorians held one of the nine division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4235, drawn Saturday 19 February 2022. Each winning entry scored a division one prize of $633,095.20.

This morning, we reached out to the private syndicate leader, who was still reeling from the exciting revelation.

“We checked our TattsLotto ticket first thing on Sunday morning,” he relayed.

“I went numb when I saw we’d won division one! I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. It was debilitating!

“My wife was sitting beside me, and she couldn’t believe it either. She kept saying, ‘Check it again! No, do it again! Is that real? What the hell!’.

“We checked the ticket over and over again. We’re pretty excited about it!

“This is actually a private syndicate. We’ve been playing for about two decades with some of our close friends.

“We called them straight after we found out and everyone was so happy! It was a great way to end the week.

“We haven’t had much time to think about what we’ll do with our portion of the prize. But we’ll probably pay off our mortgage and then we’ll look at going on a holiday overseas later in the year.

“Now we know that it’s real, we’ll plan a big celebration dinner with the group.

“I’m going to crack open my finest bottle of scotch now that you’ve confirmed this. I might even invite our friends over tonight to enjoy it!”

The group’s winning entry was purchased at Batman Lotto & Post Office, 93 Gaffney Street, Coburg.

Batman Lotto & Post Office owners Deepak and Sunita Kochar said they were over the moon to have sold another division one winning entry.

“How amazing is that! My wife screamed yesterday when she saw we’d sold a division one winning entry.” Deepak laughed.

“We last sold a division one winning entry in December. It’s been less than seven weeks since our last division one win, so we feel very, very lucky!”

“We work so hard, and we always dream of selling division one winning entries and now we’ve sold two in less than two months. Hopefully, we can make it a hat trick and sell another,” Sunita added.

“Congratulations to our winners. We wish you all the best!  Good luck to our customers, we hope you win division one next.”