It may have taken 50 years, but an Eaglehawk woman is finally celebrating becoming a millionaire after playing the same lottery numbers for more than five decades.

The Bendigo woman held one of the four division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4239, drawn Saturday 5 March 2022. Each entry takes home $1,533,628.84.

Confirming her win with us this afternoon, the dazed winner said the news was only just starting to sink in.

“I’m good. I’m incredible, actually,” she laughed.

“I always check my TattsLotto ticket before I go to bed on a Saturday night. When I saw this division one win, I thought, ‘Crickey! No way!’.

“It was very overwhelming and strange.

“I called my daughter straight away so she could double-check the ticket for me. I couldn’t speak, though; I just kept trembling. So, I had to send her a photo of the ticket to check that way.

“It was hilarious. Once my daughter confirmed it, I went mute. I could barely do or say anything.

“The numbers I used to mark my ticket are more than 50 years old – they’ve been played since the 1970s. So they’re ancient numbers, and I’m so excited they’ve finally come up!

“I want to use this prize to build a new house. I recently had some plans drawn up, but I upgraded them on Sunday! I can’t wait to build my dream home.

“I wouldn’t mind getting a new car as well, and then I’d like to go on a beach holiday with my family.

“I’ll celebrate. I’m not too sure what that’ll look like, but maybe I’ll make a trip to the city with my family.”

The winning woman purchased her entry at newsXpress and Tatts Eaglehawk, 27-29 High Street, Eaglehawk

newsXpress and Tatts Eaglehawk owner Leo Trainor said it was great news that a big win had landed in the region.

“It’s exhilarating! This is the fifth division one win we’ve had at this outlet since we took over just over ten years ago,” he said.

“It creates such a buzz in the area when we sell a division one winning ticket. Our community is tight-knit, so everyone is so intrigued by the win.

“We’d love to send a huge congratulations to the winner from our team. We’re so happy for you!

“We feel fortunate to sell another division one winning entry. Word’s already spread, and everyone is hoping they’re next to win big!”