Here’s eight things you need to know!

An exciting new Saturday Lotto Special Event is coming, and you’re invited!

July 27 is our Million-Yeah Saturday—  a new promotion that is all about creating MILLIONAIRES! This one draw could make up to eight lucky customers MILLIONAIRES! That’s right, up to eight winners of $1 Million each.

Want to be one of up to eight possible new millionaires? Here’s eight things you need to know:

1. A very special event
In this one draw, up to eight winners could each win a division one prize of $1 million dollars*. Imagine finding out that you’re one of Australia’s newest millionaires!

2. How to play
While this is a unique and exciting event for Saturday Lotto, the game format remains exactly the same, so it’s really easy to get involved. To win division one your entry needs to match all six winning numbers in a single game. 

3. Eyes on the prize
In this one draw, there’s $1 million on offer for up to eight division one winners. Time will tell if we’re crowning two, six or up to eight millionaires! If there are nine or more division one winners, each winner will share in $8 million dollars

4. Play your way
You can choose to play with either a QuickPick or a Marked entry. A QuickPick randomly generates numbers for you, whereas a Marked entry allows you to select the numbers that are meaningful to you. 

5. Million-Yeah, oh yeah!
While division one could create up to eight new millionaires, there are six prize divisions in total where you could win with as few as one or two winning numbers, plus two supplementary numbers. You could be one of the thousands of Australians to experience that winning feeling!  

6. Register your entry
Linking your entry to your online account or players card gives you greater security if your ticket is lost or stolen. It also means we’ll be able to call you and personally deliver the big news if you’re one of up to eight possible millionaires! 

7. Get in early
This is a huge event for Saturday Lotto and we’re sure Australians everywhere will be vying to become one of the country’s newest millionaires! Beat the rush instore and online, and get your entries early! 

8. Don’t miss out!
The Million-Yeah special event is running for one draw only. All states that offer Saturday Lotto will be taking part so make sure to get your entry in before the draw closes at 7:30pm AEST on Saturday 27th July. 

*If there are 9 or more div one winners, they will share $8M.