An Emerald woman has spent her Saturday night dancing around her living room after discovering she scored a division one prize of $1 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. 

The Victorian held one of the eight division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3967, drawn Saturday 27 July 2019. Each winner takes home a division one prize of $1 million. 

Sharing her joy with us this morning, the happy woman revealed how she discovered the life-changing win. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw I had the winning numbers!” she exclaimed. 

“My husband was asleep on the couch so before I went to bed I thought I’d check my ticket. 

“When I saw I had won I shook him awake and screamed ‘We’ve won $1 million!’. 

“He was still half sleep so he said ‘what on earth are you talking about?’.

I showed him my ticket and he was so stoked. “We were dancing around the living room in celebration! 

“We didn’t get much sleep at all. We were still wide awake at three in the morning!” 

The tired, but happy winner confessed her and her husband had an unusual way of picking their numbers for their 18-game marked entry. 

“We’ve been playing for years and years and we’ve come close a few times but never won the big one!” she explained. 

“A little while ago I said to my husband ‘let’s scrap our old numbers and start again’. 

“So we used this novelty toy we have to help us choose our numbers. 

“It basically has all of the numbers in it, and when you rattle it, it chooses one. 

“So that’s how we chose our numbers and I’m glad it chose those ones!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her new millionaire status, the happy woman said it was a strange feeling knowing her bank account was about to balloon by a few more zeros. 

“I can’t believe it! It just feels surreal!” she admitted. 

“It’s actually quite hard to come to terms with. It is a bit daunting to be honest. 

“The first thing we’ll do is pay off the house and then we might go on a holiday around Australia. 

“But for now, I think I’m just going to let the new sink in.” 

The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her 18-game marked entry at Emerald Newsagency, 4 Kelvington Drive, Emerald. 

Emerald Newsagency co-owner Carl Mardirian said he was thrilled to discover his outlet had sold a division one winning entry. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the message on Sunday morning that we’d sold a division one winning entry!” he exclaimed. 

“We’ve put posters all around the shop to let our customers know we’ve sold a winner. 

“This is the fourth division one winning entry we’ve sold in 13 years and we reckon we are the lucky shop here in Emerald. 

“We consider this a reward for all the hard work we put in, and it makes us very happy! 

“We wish the winner all the best for the future!”