A Frankston man has described the “bizarre but amazing” feeling that overwhelmed him the moment he checked his TattsLotto ticket and realised he was suddenly a millionaire.  

The Melbourne resident held one of the six division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4121, drawn Saturday 16 January 2020. Each division one winning entry takes home a prize worth $1,052,281.12. 

Sharing his disbelief with us this morning, the man said he’d had an unforgettable Sunday.

“I woke up on Sunday morning and checked my ticket straight away,” he explained. 

“I could not believe it! 

“I was staring at the amount on my screen and thought it couldn’t possibly be right. 

“I totally freaked out. I’ve still got chills! 

“I can’t believe it at all. I was in such a state that I got up and mowed the lawn, even though it didn’t even need mowing. I just needed to do something! 

“It was a bizarre but amazing feeling.” 

When asked what he thought he might do with his windfall, the Melbourne resident said he’d use it to get ahead. 

“I am going to put it towards a house. I’ll buy myself a property,” he explained. 

“But I need a good week or two to let the news sink in. 

“At least I know is that it’s real now. I can’t believe it!” 

The winning entry was sold online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.