A generous Springvale South couple who won $3.3 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw have revealed they can’t wait to use their new-found wealth to help as many people as they can. 

The Victorian players held one of the six division one winning entries across Australia in TattsLotto’s $20 million Superdraw 4199, drawn Saturday 16 October 2021. Each entry pocketed $3,333,333.34. 

So far in 2021 there have been 19 division one winning entries in Southeast Melbourne collectively worth more than $26.81 million. 

Speaking with us this morning, one of the winners explained their night was turned upside down in the best way possible after making their discovery. 

“We can’t believe it! We are so excited,” the winning husband giggled. 

“We checked the ticket last night while we were watching TV and waiting for dinner to finish cooking. 

“I was so surprised when I saw we had all the winning numbers. I just kept thinking, ‘Oh God, oh please let it be real!’. 

“My wife was so happy; she definitely cried a lot! I was so shocked. I could barely believe it. 

“It’s incredible! It’s changed everything for us. We are still so blown away. 

"We couldn’t eat our dinner after that, we were too excited. We had butterflies in our stomach. 

“And then we couldn’t sleep last night either. There were so many thoughts going through our head, and we were feeling so many emotions. 

“We’re multi-millionaires, that’s crazy.”

When asked how they planned to enjoy their windfall, the delighted duo admitted they were motivated to share their good fortune. 

“We will buy ourselves a small house first and then we would like to go on a holiday so we can see some of our family,” he revealed. 

“We definitely want to help set our kids up for the future and give a bit to some of our family and friends who are doing it quite tough. 

“Plus, there are a few charities that we would like to donate to. There are so many people in the world who need help and now we are in the position to be able to do that. 

“We just want to help as much as possible.” 

Their life-changing marked System 8 entry was purchased at Southvale Newsagency, 565 Springvale Road, Springvale South. 

Southvale Newsagency owner Samuel Zeng said the win marked a special milestone for the outlet. 

“When I first found out that we’d sold a division one winning entry, I was so blown away that I didn’t believe it. It was a big surprise,” he said. 

“This is actually my first week as owner of this store, so this is an especially big moment for me, and all of my customers think we are extra lucky now. 

“There hasn’t been a division one win here in over six years, so I feel very privileged to have sold a winning ticket during my first week. 

“This store has sold 12 division one winning entries over 30 years, so it is amazing to add another to the list. 

“We would love to send our congratulations to our winners. We feel so happy to have helped make your lottery dreams come true. We can’t wait to make that dream a reality for more customers.”