A group of four girlfriends are busily planning a girls’ holiday to Hawaii after their private syndicate scored them a Saturday X Lotto division one prize worth more than $2 million in the weekend’s draw. 

The group of old work mates from Mount Barker held one of the two division one winning entries nationally in Saturday X Lotto draw 3985, drawn Saturday 28 September 2019. Each entry takes home a division one prize of $2,002,612.29. 

As well as winning the coveted division one prize, the thrilled winners’ System 9 marked entry also won division two 6 times, division three 12 times, division four 45 times and division five 20 times, bolstering their total prize to $2,070,428.24. 

Sharing her joy with us the syndicate leader couldn’t contain her laughter. 

“Ha ha ha! Are you joking! Ha ha ha!” she laughed in shock. 

“This is a syndicate with my three beautiful friends, and we’ll all divide it four ways. 

“Wait, can you tell me how much we’ve won again? Oh my god! That is insane. It feels like it must be a joke. 

“I’m just sitting here in my office and didn’t expect this at all! “Ha ha ha! I’m such a scatty brain right now! It’s just insane!” 

Once the shock of the news had worn off, the happy winner revealed how the syndicate chose their winning numbers. 

“We used to work together many years ago but now we have all moved on to different workplaces but are still good mates,” she explained. 

“We started playing this syndicate about 15 years ago and we all chose a few numbers each using birthdays or other favourite numbers. 

“I can’t wait to call the girls and tell them we’ve won. They are the most beautiful girls and they are all going to be over the moon when I tell them. 

“This will change all of our lives that’s for sure!” 

When asked how the overjoyed syndicate leader planned to enjoy her share of the windfall, she revealed a girls’ holiday may be on the horizon. 

“I’m not sure what I’ll do with my share yet. I can’t get over it!” she laughed. 

“I’m thinking we might book a girls’ trip to Hawaii. There are no excuses not to now!” 

The private syndicate, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning System 9 marked entry at Mount Barker Central Newsagency, Shop 17, Mount Barker Central, McClaren Street, Mount Barker. Mount Barker Central Newsagency team member Nel Middleton said she was thrilled for her customers. 

“It’s just a lovely feeling knowing that you’ve helped make someone a winner and it’s even better to know it’s being shared between friends,” she said. 

“We’ve sold a few division one winning entries over the years but this is the first for this year. Hopefully it’s the start of a winning streak and the wins continue! 

“We’ve been telling all of our customers we’ve sold a division one winning entry and they are thrilled for us. I think a few of them are hoping the winners’ good luck rubs off on them too! 

“Our team will be celebrating with a few glasses of bubbly and a toast to our winners! 

“Congratulations to them! We wish them all the best with their prize!”