Two Goolwa workmates say they’ve made the “the greatest stuff up in the world”, accidentally buying two identical marked entries in last weekend’s Saturday X Lotto Superdraw, scoring them a double division one win. 

The South Australian friends held two of the 12 division one winning entries across Australia in Saturday X Lotto draw 3995, drawn Saturday 2 November 2019. Each entry won a division one prize of $1,666,666.67. 

Sharing their bemusement with us, the pair explained how the unbelievable division one wins came to be. 

“It’s an absolutely beauty, isn’t it?” one friend laughed. 

“We’ve been buying Saturday X Lotto tickets for years, playing the same numbers every single week. 

“We take turns buying the entry each week. My mate thought it was his turn last week, but it was actually mine and I’d already put it on. 

“It’s incredible that the week we both end up with a ticket, thanks to a mistake, is the week our numbers are drawn. 

“And if you knew the two of us, the more likely scenario is that the week our numbers are pulled out of the barrel is the week we’d both forget to buy a ticket! 

“It’s just amazing! We’re absolutely rapt!” 

The second winner said he couldn’t believe the pair’s luck. 

“This is the greatest stuff up in the world!” he laughed. 

“It was a good week to mess up, wasn’t it? 

“My mate called me at the crack of dawn saying ‘I’ve got some news for you.’ 

“I thought he was lying of course when he said we’d won division one. 

“Then I told him ‘well I’ve got some even better news for you! I put the Lotto on as well, thinking it was my week!’ 

“We were both just flabbergasted to be honest with you. It’s absolutely surreal! 

“We are so lucky! We’ve both been in such a daze!” 

The pair revealed there was no way they’d keep working and they’d both be resigning and retiring together. 

“Of course we’ve always been willing to share our division one prize but now we get one each!” one mate laughed. 

“I love to travel so I’m certainly going to do plenty of that! 

“Maybe we’ll take a holiday together to celebrate! We’ll be enjoying every minute of this.” 

The second man said he couldn’t wait for them to walk out of work together, for good. 

“What a day that will be!” he laughed. 

“I can’t wait to spend plenty of time traveling the world with my family!” 

One of the two division one winning entries was sold at Mount Barker Central Newsagency, Shop 17, Mount Barker Central, McLaren Street, Mount Barker. 

Mount Barker Central Newsagency owner Rob Staples said the store had been on an exhilarating winning streak. 

“We’ve had such an incredible run of wins. We’ve sold five division one winning entries over the past two years, with one only a few weeks before this one!” he exclaimed. 

“Our customers and staff are absolutely loving it! 

“What an amazing prize to win for this customer! We hope he enjoys every minute of it.” 

The second division one winning entry was sold at Old Town Reynella Newsagency, Shop 11, Old Town Reynella Shopping Cent, 211-225 Old South Road, Reynella.