A Hobart couple have shocked to realise they’ve been millionaires for over a week after returning from holidays and discovering they scored division one in TattsLotto’s $30 million Megadraw. 

The Tasmanian duo held one of the 19 division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4117, drawn Saturday 2 January 2020. Each entry takes home a division one prize worth $1,578,947.37. 

The winning entry was unregistered, which meant we had no way of contacting the winner to break the life-changing news. Instead, we had to wait for the ticketholders to come forward to claim their prize. 

Sharing their excitement with us this morning, the happy pair revealed the reason for the delayed discovery. 

“We received the ticket as a gift from a family member for Christmas, but we’ve been away in our caravan and had left the ticket behind,” the happy wife explained. 

“Our family member called us and asked us if we had checked the ticket because they saw that there was a mystery winner who hadn’t claimed their prize. 

“They said ‘it could be you!’ and we said ‘we doubt it!’ and didn’t think much more of it. 

“When we got home from our trip, we were unpacking, and I saw the ticket on the fridge door. I thought I’d better check that ticket and yes, there it was, a winning entry! 

“I couldn’t believe it! We’d been over a million dollars richer for a week and didn’t know it. 

“We could have bought more food and wine on our trip! We could have kept going!” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their windfall, the stoked couple said the news still hadn’t sunk in. 

“We haven’t really come to terms with it! We’re still in shock!” the thrilled wife exclaimed. 

“Our brains are just full of everything we can do with this win. 

“We don’t really know how we are going to enjoy it just yet!” 

The winning entry was purchased at Nextra Channel Newsworld, Shop 29, Channel Court Shopping Centre, Channel Highway, Kingston. 

Nextra Channel Newsworld owner Michael Ditcham said he was thrilled the winner had been united with their prize. 

“We are so pleased our winners have discovered their win and can now spend time planning on how they will enjoy it!” he exclaimed. 

“Congratulations to the couple! We wish them all the very best with their prize!”