Three days after the winning numbers were drawn, Adelaide’s mystery Saturday X Lotto division one winner has come forward to claim their prize.
The Adelaide woman’s entry was one of the ten division one winning entries nationally and the only division one winning entry from South Australia. Each entry took home a division one prize of $417,040.52.
The winning entry was not registered to an Easiplay Club Card so SA Lotteries officials had no way of contacting the winner to break that life changing news.
When speaking with an SA Lotteries official to confirm her win, the ecstatic winner revealed she couldn’t believe her eyes when she first checked her ticket.
“I was at home and I checked the numbers on the website and saw that I had six numbers,” she explained.
“I couldn’t believe it so I went to the newsagency and checked it there. When they said they couldn’t pay the prize I then made sure I checked the numbers again.
“It wasn’t until I handed the ticket in at SA Lotteries that I believed it!”
When asked how she celebrated being $417,040.52 richer, the winner revealed her phone had been running hot.
“The first thing I did was call my husband. He was overjoyed!” she explained.
“Then I rang all of my children and they said the news made their day.”
The winner also disclosed she planned to use her Saturday X Lotto windfall to cut back her hours at work.
“I’m going to go part time!” she exclaimed.

“Then I will start planning a holiday. We just got back from a holiday actually, but it’s always good to have something to look forward to, so we will book another.”

The thrilled winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her 18-game Quickpick entry at RAH Research Fund Newsagency, Level 3D, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Port Road, Adelaide.
Graham Duffield, team member at RAH Research Fund Newsagency, said the outlet was thrilled to have sold its first division one winning entry.
“It’s great! It is our first division one winning entry in 28 years!” he exclaimed.
“You could say we’ve been waiting a little while!
“We are so pleased the winner has claimed their prize so they can start to enjoy their windfall.
“We hope to sell another division one winning entry soon!”
The six winning numbers in Saturday X Lotto draw 3851 on Saturday 16 June 2018 were 26, 8, 22, 45, 2 and 12.  The supplementary numbers were 1 and 38.
Across Australia there were 10 division one winning entries in Saturday X Lotto draw 3851 – five from Queensland, two each from Victoria and New South Wales, and one from South Australia.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 190 so far this calendar year, including 22 won by SA Lotteries customers.