Winning millions is nice, but recent times are a reminder that some things even nicer. Seeing your sister in person, rather than pixels.

Taking with mum over tea, instead of text. Ringing your friend’s doorbell, instead of their mobile. 

When it comes to the people who are most important to us, being together is what’s really worth celebrating. 

That’s why Saturday Lotto has created The Reconnections Project. 

Meet Trinnie and Nomes. Best friends that have been separated for years.

They first met back in the ‘90s working in the same department store. One chance encounter after work sealed their friendship, and the two became inseparable.

Life saw Trinnie move to Townsville, while Nomes stayed in Wagga Wagga.

They stayed in touch with regular video calls, but the distance began to take its toll even for the closest of friends.

Trinnie reached out to us and shared how much Nomes and her friendship means to her, even more so in current times.