Two South-East Queensland residents experienced the shock of their lives over the weekend after discovering they’d each bagged $1.25 million in the recent Saturday Gold Lotto draw. 

There were 16 division one winning entries nationally in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4337, drawn Saturday 11 February 2023. Each division one winning entry pocketed $1.25 million.

“It’s about time we had some luck!”: Plainland mother preparing for more family time after $1.25 million Saturday Gold Lotto win

A Plainland woman confessed her mother knew she’d won big even before she did and contacted her to give her the good news on Saturday night.

“We’ve been playing our special numbers for a long time now, and my mother knows what they are. So when she saw the draw results, she knew straight away I’d won!” she exclaimed when confirming her win with us.

“It’s absolutely incredible! It’s going to change my family’s life.

“We’ve always worked so hard to provide for our family, so this means we’ll be able to spend more time together.

“That’s the best gift we could ever receive.

“It’s about time we had some luck! The whole family said the same thing too.

“We’ll pay off debt, prepare for the future and enjoy the moment. This is just amazing.”

The woman’s winning entry was purchased at newsXpress Plainland, Shop 6 Plainlands Plaza, Gherke Road, Plainland.

newsXpress Plainland owner Shane McCauley said he was over the moon to have sold a division one winning entry and wished his latest big winner all the best.

“It’s been a while between drinks for us. Our last win was in 2015, so it feels great to get the monkey off our back,” he said.

“We all just hope it’s gone to someone who is going to do something great with it and we wish them all the best for the future.

“It’s still sinking in for us, so I can’t imagine how the winner is feeling. We’ll be celebrating for weeks to come, and I hope they do the same.”

Ipswich woman experiences Monday madness after discovering her $1.25 million Saturday Gold Lotto windfall

An Ipswich woman started her week completely unaware her life had changed forever until a phone call from us revealed she’d bagged a $1.25 million Saturday Gold Lotto win.

“I haven’t checked my entry yet. Are you sure you have the right person?” she asked when we called to confirm her win.

“Oh no, that can’t be right, can it?

“Is this real? Is this real? Are you sure?

“Oh my god! I can’t believe it!

“This is going to transform my life. I’m speechless, I need to sit down!

“I’ve been praying for this for so long, and I’m not even religious!”

When asked how she planned to celebrate her newfound fortune, the winning woman confessed she’d barely been able to wrap her head around it let alone think about the future.

“I honestly don’t know,” she said.

“I know I’m going to look after my family, prepare for the future and enjoy the rest of my life.

“Thank you so much.”

The woman’s winning entry was purchased online at – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.