Eight Kallangur shoppers have each bagged a quarter of a million dollars after their Saturday Gold Lotto syndicate scored division one on the weekend.

The store syndicate held one of the 15 division one winning entries in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4375 on Saturday 24 June 2023. Each division one winning entry pocketed $2 million.

In addition to scoring division one, the syndicate’s System 9 QuickPick entry also scored division three 18 times, division four 45 times and division six 20 times, bolstering the group’s total windfall to $2,017,435.95.

Each syndicate member receives a share worth $252,179.50.

However, some syndicate members may have yet to discover their winning news, so we encourage players in the region to check their Saturday Gold Lotto tickets today.

Entries into the winning store syndicate were sold at Kallangur Fair News, Kallangur Fair Shopping Centre, 1473 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur.

Kallangur Fair News owner Rajinder Kaur said the Saturday Gold Lotto winning syndicate had been created especially for the weekend’s $30 Million Megadraw.

“I was in shock for five minutes when I initially found out, then that turned to happiness and excitement that we had sold another division one winning ticket,” he said. 

“When I realised that it was a syndicate and would be able to share the joy and winnings with a group of loyal and hard-working members of the community, I was more overjoyed.  

“The syndicate members will be very excited and I had a couple of the winning syndicate members dancing in the shop Sunday morning.  

“It is a fantastic feeling that we were able to sell them a winning ticket and hope to sell more in the future.”  

Anyone who purchased a syndicate share from Kallangur Fair News to check their entry today!