A pair of golfing buddies from Lara have teed up a $911,000 TattsLotto win thanks to an unusual way of choosing their winning numbers. 

The dynamic duo held one of the seven division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4019, drawn Saturday 5 December 2020. Each entry takes home a division one prize worth $906,269.30. 

As well as winning the coveted division one prize, the private syndicate’s marked System 7 entry also scored them division three 6 times and division six 8 times bolstering their total prize to $911,580.20. 

Sharing his excitement with us this morning, one of the winning pair revealed the unusual way the long-time friends had chosen their numbers. 

“Thank you very much! I wasn’t sure if I was right or wrong when I saw we had won!” he laughed. 

“I was stressing and wondering if it was real. I double-checked, triple-checked and quadruple-checked the numbers. 
“A mate of mine from golf and I have been playing these numbers for about six or seven years now. 

“We chose them using a rubber ball that had the numbers 1 to 100 inside it. You shake it, and it lands on a number. 

“So we took turns doing that and would write a number down as we went. It took us about an hour over a few beers, but that’s how we did it. 

“They’ve been our lucky numbers for sure. We have a win on them nearly every few weeks. They are always small wins, but it’s always something. 

“We’ll definitely keep playing these numbers! We aren’t giving up our lucky numbers!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his share of the windfall, the humble bloke said he was already back at work. 

“I think I’ll use my share to pay off my mortgage and maybe invest in an investment property,” he explained. 

“I’m already back at work. I won’t be giving up work too soon. But I think this win might free up a bit more time for me to head back to the golf course.” 

The winning marked System 7 entry was purchased online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.