A private syndicate of ‘lifelong mates’ from Keysborough are rejoicing today after their long-running syndicate scored a division one win in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.
The syndicate held one of the nine division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3933, drawn Saturday 30 March 2019. Each entry takes home a division one prize of $2,222,222.23.
As well as winning the coveted division one prize, the syndicate’s System 10 marked entry also scored division three 24 times and division four 90 times, bolstering their total prize to $2,251,563.43.
When we spoke to the syndicate leader this morning, he shared the windfall would be life-changing for the syndicate members.
“Wow! I checked the ticket on Saturday night but it hasn’t sunk in yet!” he laughed.
“We definitely celebrated but it’s a bit surreal.
“There are a few of us included in this, all lifelong mates, and we’ve been playing for 10 years.
“We all chose a couple of numbers each and they are all significant to us because they are our kids’ birthdates.
“There have been phone calls from 11 pm, 12 pm at night and all the way through the morning from 1am to 6am.
“The phone calls haven’t stopped and they’ll continue again today I think!”
When we asked how the syndicate leader planned to spend his share of the windfall, he revealed it would go straight to paying off his mortgage.
“It will go straight towards the house!” he declared. 

“This win is completely life-changing for us. It will really go a long way to helping everyone pay off their houses.

“It will be great that now we won’t have to worry about that.”
The syndicate leader, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased the winning System 10 marked entry at Portside Lotto and Liquor, 393 Bay Street, Port Melbourne.
Portside Lotto and Liquor owner Ted Zafiris said he was excited his outlet had sold a division one winning entry.
“We are so excited for our lucky customers!” he exclaimed.
“As a Tatts agent, there isn’t a better feeling than when a customer wins any prize, let alone winning division one!
“We’ve sold 18 division ones over the years. The most recent was a syndicate share in TattsLotto in February.
“The win has really created a party atmosphere in the store.
“Congratulations and best wishes to our winners from the team here!”