The news of three $1.25 million TattsLotto division one wins has sparked waves of euphoria across Melbourne’s west.

There were 16 division one winning entries across Australia in TattsLotto draw 4243 on Saturday 19 March 2002. Each scored a division one prize of $1.25 million.

Gladstone Park couple leave work to discover $1.25 million TattsLotto win!

A Gladstone Park couple were at work this morning before a call from The Lott prompted them to leave the office and discover a $1.25 million win.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” the winning woman laughed when we broke the exciting news this morning.

“I didn’t even check this ticket. We never win anything, so I never expected this!

“I never thought we’d be overnight millionaires. What the hell! This insane!

“I still don’t believe it as I hear you say it. You dream of moments like this, but you never imagine it happening.

“Unfortunately, we must continue with our day and go back to work, but we will do something special tonight to celebrate.

“I’m not sure what we’ll do with this windfall. We certainly might look at retiring early.

“We’re so blown away. I can’t even fathom what you’re saying.”

The winners purchased their 36-game QuickPick entry at Gladstone Park Lotto & Service Centre, Shop 165 Gladstone Park Shopping Centre, 8-34 Gladstone Park Drive, Gladstone Park.

Gladstone Park Lotto & Service Centre owner Ron Mei said his entire team was celebrating the major win.

“Isn’t it an incredible win for our division one winner!?” he said.

“Our entire team was so happy when we heard the news.

“We’d love to send our biggest congratulations to the winning pair. We hope it makes your dreams come true!

“We can’t wait for our next division one win.

Essendon man celebrates $1.25 million TattsLotto win with breakfast mimosas!

After discovering he’d won $1.25 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw, an Essendon man popped his fanciest bottle of champagne and made mimosas for breakfast.

“I checked the ticket very early yesterday morning, and I couldn’t believe it,” he laughed when speaking with us.

“I play every Saturday using the same random numbers, but I’ve never won anything like this.

“I woke up my wife straight away with the news. She said, ‘Please, don’t bull**** me! You always pull these kinds of pranks on me!’.

“She wanted to wait until it was confirmed before she got excited. She still thinks I’m pulling her leg!

“We did pop a nice bottle of champagne and had some mimosas for breakfast to celebrate.

“It’s a great surprise, and it’ll undoubtedly come in handy.

“I’m going to use the money to pay off the mortgage, some will go to the kids, and we’ll plan a few little holidays.”

The winner purchased his 50-game Marked entry online at – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.

Ten Victorians start the week on cloud nine with $1.28 million TattsLotto win!

Ten Victorians feel like they’re on cloud nine today after their syndicate entry scored a division one prize in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

In addition to winning division one, the syndicate’s System 11 QuickPick entry also scored division three 30 times, division four 150 times and division six 200 times, boosting their total windfall to $1,283,416.00.

Each member of the syndicate received a share worth $128,341.60.

The winning syndicate was established by Hudsons Lotto & Dry Cleaning, Shop 5, 145 Watton Street, Werribee.

  • Hudsons Lotto & Dry Cleaning, Shop 5, 145 Watton Street, Werribee (2 shares)
  • Sanctuary Lakes Lucky Lotto, Kiosk 1, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, 300 Point Cook Road, Point Cook
  • Northland Lotto & News, Shop C012, Northland Shopping Centre, 2-50 Murray Road, Preston
  • Borrack Square News Lotto & Gifts, 32 Borrack Square, Altona North
  • Magic Lotto & Gifts, Kiosk 31, Watergardens Town Centre, 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes
  • Ashburton Lotto & Stationery, 243 High Street, Ashburton (2 shares)
  • Lucky Corner Lotto, Shop 11, Kingsclere Shopping Centre, 12-18 Kingsclere Avenue, Keysborough
  • Avenue Village News and Lotto, Kiosk 1, The Avenue Shopping Centre, 20 Linden Tree Way, Cranbourne North

Hudsons Lotto & Dry Cleaning owner Peter Grey said he was ecstatic for the syndicate winners.

“You beauty! We will have some happy players this week,” Peter said.

“We’re so excited to add another win to our list. This takes this store to 19 division one wins. I’ve sold four division one wins since I took over.

“We can’t wait to have our 20th winner. Our last division one win was in 2019, so we’ve been waiting for a win, and we’re delighted it’s now happened.

“We have a sign on the door saying, ‘You’ll be next!’ and we’re so excited to say that’s true for a few customers.

“Congratulations to all the winners. Hopefully, we can see them all soon and sell more winning tickets!

“We’re so glad for all the outlets that sold a share in this syndicate. It’s great for us all!”