A Macleod woman was jolted awake this morning by a winning phone call from lottery officials, delivering the astonishing news of her $1 million TattsLotto windfall in the weekend’s draw.

The Melburnian held one of the 10 division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4397, drawn Saturday 9 September 2023. Each division one entry pocketed $1,000,000.00.

The long-time player was fast asleep when we called in the early hours of the morning to deliver the news that she was a newly minted millionaire.

“Oh, thank you so much!” she hysterically laughed.

“You woke me up, but I certainly don’t mind!

“I’ve always waited for this day. I can’t believe it’s finally happened.

“I found out about the win straight after the draw on Saturday night. I haven’t told my family yet because I wanted to get confirmation first that it was real.

“Now that you’ve confirmed the win, I’ll be able to ring them and surprise them!

“I’m actually about to visit them. It’s been a couple of years since COVID happened.

“Thank you so much for blessing me with this news!”

Her winning 50-game QuickPick was purchased online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.