The days between Christmas and New Years are a strange liminality. No one knows what day it is, you’re eating leftovers for the third meal in a row, and even though you only have one guest room there are somehow 12 extra family members in the house. 

But if there’s one thing that’s sure to jolt you out of that daze and rejuvenate the celebrations, it’s the news that you’ve become a millionaire!

Flashback to the final Saturday night of last year when 15 unsuspecting Aussies experienced exactly that. In the warm post-Christmas haze, one summer night became a pivotal turning point for the year ahead thanks to Saturday Lotto’s $30 million* Megadraw.

Last year, 17 winning entries took out division one in this special event. This included two winning syndicates, and 15 individual ticket holders who became overnight millionaires each taking home a huge $1.7 million. As their Megadraw anniversary approaches, we reached out to see how their win shaped their experiences during 2019. 

One year on from becoming a millionaire, our Megadraw winners shared how life has changed for themselves and their loved ones, and the mega memories they’ve created this year. 

More family time for Kambah mum 
Disbelief settled into relief for a Kambah mum who took out $1.7 million last year. When we asked what the best moments from her winning year have been, she revealed it’s been special in a number of ways. 

“Just that sense of relief of being debt free; having no burden of debt has been enormous,” she said.

“But also family time. It has allowed us to cut down on work and spend much more time with the family.

“We had the best overseas holiday this year, we never could have done that without winning Megadraw.

“It was so special for our entire family. It’s a memory I will always treasure.”

River cruise and retirement for Sunshine Coast Couple
When we broke the million-dollar news to this Sunshine Coast couple last year they were in complete shock and let out a few choice words of surprise. Straight away the pair knew that retirement was beckoning and one year on they were able to make that a reality. 

“We’ve both retired!” they exclaimed.  

“Our mega memory of 2019 would have to be being in Europe. We did a river cruise. It was the first time we’d been. 
“But the best part is being able to do things for our family.  

“We didn’t need new cars or new clothes but being able to put your hand in your pocket and help your kids — that’s the most wonderful part about winning.”

Family homes and a career change for Clyde woman
A Clyde grandmother announced she was the happiest woman on earth when she discovered her new millionaire status. In our very first phone call to confirm her win she shared that her family were one of her top priorities. In the last year she’s been overjoyed to see how their lives have changed.

“I shared my prize with my children and they’ve all been able to put a decent deposit on a house. That’s been the highlight of 2019,” she said.

“It’s an amazing feeling for a parent. That’s what life is all about.”

The woman also shared that her husband has been able to cut back on his hours at work and she’s been able to change jobs to something she’s much more passionate about.

 “It’s almost a year later and I still don’t believe it!” she said.

“Winning was an absolute miracle and I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

With this year’s Megadraw only days away, we can’t wait to see how many Aussies could be starting the new year as a Megadraw millionaire and creating some mega memories of their own.

28 December is the date you don’t want to miss! Saturday Lotto’s $30 million Megadraw is the draw that creates the most millionaires and takes place on the last Saturday of the year. 

Hurry and grab an entry instore, online or via the Lott app today!

*Division 1 Prize Pool