While a group of Craigieburn mates are already celebrating their $1 million TattsLotto win, another mystery Melbourne player has yet to come forward to claim their million-dollar windfall. 

There were six division one winning entries across Australia in TattsLotto draw 4191, drawn Saturday 18 September 2021— two of these landed in Melbourne. Each division one winning entry took home $1,048,320.62. 

So far in 2021, there have been 25 division one wins in North Melbourne collectively worth more than $24.48 million. 

Six Craigieburn mates share $1 million TattsLotto win! 

Persistence has paid off for a group of Craigieburn mates who scored $1 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw after buying lottery tickets together for almost a decade. 

“Thank you so much!” one of the winning men laughed. 

“I found out on Saturday night straight after the draw. I couldn’t believe it! I thought ‘it’s actually a winner! What the hell!’. 

“This isn’t just my win, it’s actually a syndicate! 

“There’s six of us in it – we’re all mates. Most of us have been buying tickets together when it’s a big jackpot for close to a decade.

“We only just started this new TattsLotto syndicate a few months ago. 

“I called each of them when I found out on Saturday. None of them believed me at first, so I had to take a screenshot of my ticket on my online The Lott account and send it to them. 

“I just kept saying to them, ‘no, we really have won! I’m not kidding!’ 

“They were so, so happy! Most of them went into a bit of shock, I think. 

“When restrictions ease more, we are going to have a big party together to celebrate.” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their million-dollar prize, the private syndicate leader said it had come at a good time. 

“They all have already begun making plans for their share of the prize,” he shared. 

“I am planning to invest mine and I think some of my friends will use it for their future retirement.

 “It’ll certainly come in handy for all of us.” 

Their winning marked System 8 entry was purchased online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries. 

Check your tickets, Strathmore: You could be a mystery TattsLotto millionaire 

A Strathmore resident or visitor has started the week as a millionaire after scoring division one in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw – they just don’t know it yet. 

The winning entry is unregistered, which means we have no way of contacting the winner to break the life-changing news and must wait for the ticketholder to come forward to claim their prize. 

The winning entry was purchased at Strathmore Post & Lotto, 313 Napier Street, Strathmore. 

Strathmore Post & Lotto owner Praveen Pinnamaraju said he was eagerly waiting for his division one winner to come forward and claim their prize.

“We are very happy to sell a division one winning ticket,” he shared. 

“It’s great to know we’ve helped change someone’s life and made their million-dollar dream come true. 

“We’ve decorated the outlet and been sharing the joy with all of our customers. 

“We are hoping the winner comes into our outlet to check their ticket. We’d love to break the news to them and to be able to congratulate them properly. 

“Our customers always say we are a lucky shop and so it’s great to make another person a division one winner. 

“We only took over the shop seven months ago, and we’ve already sold this division one win! We can’t wait to sell another. 

“We’d love to thank our winner for supporting our business. We are so happy for them! We wish them all the best and hope it’s a life-changing win for them.” 

If you discover you are holding the winning ticket, contact The Lott on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize. 

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 4191 on 18 September 2021 were 5, 36, 6, 15, 43 and 18, while the supplementary numbers were 24 and 29.