A Moffat Beach mum is still recovering from the shock and excitement of discovering she’s a Saturday Gold Lotto division one winner. 

The Sunshine Coast resident held one of the ten division one winning entries nationally in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3989 on Saturday 12 October 2019.

Each division one winner takes home a prize of $382,311.53. In addition to winning division one, her System 8 marked entry also scored division three 12 times and division four 15 times, boosting her total prize to $393,878.18.

 Confirming her win with us, the woman revealed she’d just checked her entry online. 

“I’ve just nearly had a heart attack,” she screamed with excitement. 

“I’m completely beside myself. I can’t get onto my husband to tell him the news. 

“Oh my god. I can’t believe this. It’s wonderful! 

“Thank you so much. This is life changing! 

“My husband and I have been playing those numbers for about 20 years and I’ve always said they’ll win one day and now they have. 

“This is a great feeling!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her life-changing windfall, the hard-working mum had plenty of ideas. 

“Well my daughter wants a pool for Christmas so maybe she will be getting that,” she laughed. 

“We will pay off the mortgage and help the kids out. 

“We will absolutely be going for a holiday as well. 

“You have no idea how much this means to us. We will never have to worry about money again! 

“I’m still pinching myself! This really is the best news.” 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning System 8 entry online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.