A Moonta woman’s birthday became an unforgettable milestone on the weekend after a Saturday X Lotto ticket she was gifted delivered her a $2.58 million win – setting a high standard for future celebrations to come.

The South Australian held one of the two division one winning entries in Saturday X Lotto draw 4385, drawn Saturday 29 July 2023 and took home $2,583,769.64.

“I can’t stop looking at the ticket. It’s unbelievable,” she cheered.

“I think I’ve scanned the ticket about five times. I wasn’t sure if it was hundred percent legitimate.

“I celebrated my birthday on the weekend, and we were out all day. It wasn’t until we all came home that I decided to open my gifts as a family.

“I received a birthday card from my in-laws in the mail and it had a X Lotto ticket inside. I think it was sitting in our post box for the last three days, which is crazy to think.

“We opened it up, checked the ticket and was blown away. I thought that I would’ve just won $20 - not $2.58 million!

“I told my in-laws straight away and they thought we were pulling their leg.

“It’s so surreal. What a great birthday gift!”

The happy winner admitted she had spent years dreaming about owning her very own home and would soon be able to turn that dream into a reality.

“We’ve been looking at buying a house for three or four years, but we’ve had to put it off for quite some time now,” she said.

“Buying a house will be the first thing we do which is amazing.

“This ticket is a gift, so we look forward to giving back to our families. They’ve changed our lives and we look forward to doing the same.”

Her 25-game QuickPick was purchased at Moonta Newsagency, 31 George Street, Moonta.

Moonta Newsagency owner Adrian Hatcher said he was beaming with joy knowing the lives of one of his customer's families had changed forever.

“It’s fantastic news. The last time we had sold a division one winning entry would’ve been about 15 years ago, so there’s no doubt this is the start of a winning streak again,” he exclaimed.

“As soon as I heard we’d sold a division one winning entry on Saturday, all I could think about was how this multi-million-dollar prize could change someone’s life — and I hope it makes it a whole lot easier!

“We have started to decorate the shop with balloons, streamers and tell all our loyal customers about the win. I think they’ll all be super pleased to hear we’ve sold a division one winning entry.

“Congratulations to the winning woman and her family. We hope this allows you to conquer some amazing dreams for years to come.”