The Saturday Lotto $20 Million Superdraw is just around the corner and we’ve broken down the most common winning entry types from the past 12 months! Imagine how amazing it would feel to win a slice of the division one prize? Who would you share your win with? 

Last year there were 69 division one winning entries nationally over seven Superdraws. Will we be beating this number in 2023? We sure do hope so! 

To give you some inspiration ahead of purchasing your entry, we’ve looked back at the most common entry types that took home a division one prize in 2022’s Superdraws. 

From System entries, QuickPicks, and Marked coupons, what entry type/s will take home a division one prize this Saturday?! We can’t wait to find out.  

For anyone wanting a chance to win a share in this incredible prize, you’ll need to grab an entry into draw 4349 by 7:30pm AEST Saturday 25 March. 

QuickPick entry 

QuickPicks had the most Saturday Lotto Superdraw wins last year with a whopping 20 winning entries!  

A QuickPick (aka the easiest way to play!), randomly generates numbers for you which makes it a great way to play if you don’t know which numbers you want to choose.  

If you want to leave your numbers up to chance, than a QuickPick entry could be the one for you! 

System entry 

How great would it be to play more numbers per game?! Well, a System entry gives you the option to do just that. For example, a System 8 entry allows you to play eight numbers per game when you only need six to win.  

Last year, the System 8 entry delivered the most Superdraw division one wins of all System entries. 

If you like the idea of choosing more numbers in a standard game to increase your chances of winning, then perhaps a System entry could be the way to go in this upcoming Superdraw. 

Marked Coupon entry 

A Marked entry allows you to choose the number of games and the numbers you want to play – think birthdays, anniversaries, and other special numbers close to your heart!  

Last year, nine Superdraw division one winners chose to play a Marked entry with their own special numbers. 

If you believe that playing numbers that have significance to you could deliver that all-important division one prize, then a Marked entry could be just the ticket. 

Although some entry types prove to be more popular than others when it comes to taking home a slice of the division one pie, remember each ball has an equal chance of being drawn!  

We’re looking forward to crowning many more millionaires across the country come Saturday 25 March and can’t wait to see what entry types our winners are playing!

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