A Mount Gambier couple can’t wait to luxuriate in their newfound wealth after discovering they won more than $621,000 in the weekend’s X Lotto draw. 

The South Australians held one of the 10 division one winning entries nationally in Saturday X Lotto draw 4201, drawn Saturday 23 October 2021. Each division one winning entry scored $621,262.72. 

Speaking with us this afternoon, the duo admitted they were blown away by their good fortune. 

“When the guy at the counter checked my ticket, he asked me to come to a private room because he needed to talk to me,” the winning woman explained. 

“I instantly thought we’d done something wrong. 

“But then he broke the exciting news. That’s when I realised we’d done nothing wrong but something very right had happened to us. 

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I went into complete shock. I felt very strange then and I still do now. 

“When I saw my family later that day, I told them I had news to share. They thought something bad had happened and were freaking out. 

“When I told them we’d won division one, they were so bloody happy. There was lots of cheering and laughing. 

“It really is a life-changing win.” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their windfall, the delighted pair said it would be used to live life to the fullest. 

“We are just stoked that it was shared by 10 people. We are so glad that it’s made so many people happy. That really made my day when I saw that it was shared!” the winning woman continued. 

“We don’t need millions. We just wanted a bit of a win so we could enjoy life more and that’s exactly what we’ve got. 

“It’s just perfect! “We will look after our family and the rest we will use to just have fun.” 

Their winning marked 14-game entry was purchased at Foxies Parcel Point, 127 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier. 

Foxies Parcel Point owner Brendan Jackson said he couldn’t be happier for his division one winners. 

“It’s fantastic news,” he said. 

“This is the third division one winning entry we’ve sold, so we’re ecstatic. 

“We’d love to send our well wishes to our winners. We hope they really enjoy their prize. 

“Hopefully, this is the start of a winning streak and we can sell more division one winning entries.”