Retirement is beckoning earlier than expected for a Mount Waverley man after his TattsLotto ticket delivered him a $2 million win and made him a newly minted multi-millionaire.

The Melburnian held one of the 15 division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4375, drawn Saturday 24 June 2023 and pocketed an entire prize of $2 million.

The long-time player took a little longer to discover his bountiful bounty after missing multiple calls from us this morning.

“Wow! Oh, wow!” he chuckled.

“I had to check my TattsLotto ticket as soon as I got the multiple missed calls from you.

“I had absolutely no idea. It’s amazing.

“I’ve been playing for years and years. I’ve always stuck with these numbers.

“I like to purchase them five weeks in advance to make sure I don’t miss out!

“I nearly didn’t put a ticket on about five weeks ago because I was away!

“This will be such a huge help.”

When asked how the windfall would make a difference in his life, the victorious Victorian immediately knew it would help him bring his retirement plans forward.

“This is a nice boost to retirement. I’ve always thought about retiring in the near future, and it definitely brings it forward,” he revealed.

“Thank you for this phone call!

“Now, I’ve just got to think about who I communicate the win to!”

His winning marked System 8 entry was purchased at Pinewood Newsagency, Pinewood Shopping Centre, 59 Centreway, Mount Waverley.

Pinewood Newsagency owners Dennis Skantoz and Nick Diammond said they were all excited when they first heard the winning news.

“Selling a division one winning ticket is one of the most satisfying parts of the job. We have fantastic customers and a great team here at Pinewood,” Dennis said.

“We had sold two division two prizes in the last five weeks and we’re so happy to have sold a division one win – our last one was in March 2019 worth $1.3 million, so it’s great to add to the list.

“We were saying just on Thursday how it’s about time we snatched another division one, and now it’s happened which is just amazing.

“We wish the winner our very best and are so pleased to have sold them the winning division one ticket. Congratulations from everyone here at Pinewood Newsagency!”