A Myrtleford man’s heart swelled with joy on Father’s Day when his wife delivered the incredible news that they had won a life-changing $2.5 million TattsLotto prize.

The Victorian held one of the eight division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4395, drawn Saturday 2 September 2023 and took home a total prize of $2,500,000.00.

The retiree shared he had been playing TattsLotto since he was 18 years old and couldn’t believe his winning day had finally come.

“Oh, thank you so much,” he cheered.

“My wife came home yesterday afternoon in tears. I didn’t know what had happened.

“She told me that we had won $25,000 on TattsLotto, and she couldn’t believe it.

“We looked at the ticket together and that’s when we realised it was $2.5 million!

“We just sat there, completely numb.

“She said to me, ‘Well, this is the best Father’s Day isn’t it!’. Definitely will be a Father’s Day to remember!

“I’ve been playing since I was of the legal age, and I remember one day I had forgotten to put a ticket on and of course my numbers had won division one.

“Back in the day the prize was only $12,000 but it was a lot for that time period.

“Surprisingly, my wife still woke up and went to work today!”

When asked how he and his wife planned to enjoy being newly made millionaires, the winning dad shared their plans to buy a new family home.

“We would love to move into a new home and be closer to our children,” he said.

“It’s life changing.”

His winning 36-game entry was purchased at Myrtleford Lotto, Gifts & Hairdressing, 13 Clyde Street, Myrtleford.

Myrtleford Lotto, Gifts & Hairdressing co-owner Jeff Phillips said his team were ecstatic to have sold a division one winning entry to a local family.

“It’s wonderful news and we couldn’t be happier to have sold a division one winning entry in the weekend’s TattsLotto Superdraw,” he shared.

“Myrtleford Lotto, Gifts & Hairdressing has operated in the local community for more than 31 years and we’ve made a flurry of winners in the last three decades.

“We would like to say a huge congratulations to the winning man and his family and thank you for supporting us. We hope this prize allows to you fulfil some amazing dreams for years to come.”