Two Western Sydney mates admit they’ve had knots in their stomachs since checking their entry on Saturday night and discovering they’re sharing a multi-million-dollar lottery windfall. 

The New South Wales players held one of the six division one winning entries across Australia in Saturday Lotto draw 4199, drawn Saturday 16 October 2021.

Each entry pocketed $3,333,333.34. 

Speaking with us this morning, one of the winners explained he was sharing his prize with his neighbour. 

“Thank you so much,” he gushed. 

“I haven’t slept since Saturday! I am so excited. 

“I’m going halves with my neighbour. We’ve been playing together for almost two years. 

“We both had knots in our stomachs when we checked the ticket on Saturday night. 

“We just kept checking it over and over again and really thought this could not happen to us! 

“The amount of times we’ve sat around at home and discussed what we’d do if we won the lottery. 

“It’s incomprehensible! It’s life-changing in so many ways. 

“If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be magnificent!” 

With more than $1.6 million about to land in each of their bank accounts, the pair both have similar plans for their prize. 

“We’re going to buy a new house!” one of the neighbours declared. 

“We won’t have a mortgage, and I will be able to retire a lot earlier. 

“It will be incredible to know that my salary will not be going to a mortgage. 

“I am so happy with my life and what I have, but this will just make things so much easier and it will be the same for my neighbour as well!” 

Their life-changing marked System 8 entry was purchased online at – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.