A New Norfolk woman is ready to launch into 2023 and realise some long-held dreams after scoring a $731,000 TattsLotto win before Christmas.

The Tasmanian held one of the seven division one wins in TattsLotto draw 4321, drawn Saturday 17 December 2022.  Each division one winning entry scored $731,407.21.

Speaking with us, the winning woman recalled how she discovered her win several days after the draw.

“Someone asked me if I’d checked my TattsLotto ticket as they’d heard there had been a win in the region,” she said.

“I’m one to poke the tickets away as I never win anything.

“I went and got lunch, and when I opened my wallet, there was the ticket, so I thought I should check it.

“I went online, typed in the ticket number, and the amount came up.

“I thought, ‘Huh? I’ve done something wrong. This isn’t right.’.

“It’s unreal!

“It’s going to pay off the mortgage. That’s exciting in itself.

“There’s a few other things I want to do – some home renovations and invest a chunk so I can set myself up for the rest of my life and an early retirement.”

Her winning entry was purchased at Sorell Lucky Agency, 31 Gordon Street, Sorell, which sold two TattsLotto division one winning entries in 2022.