A Grovedale man is looking forward to writing his resignation letter after discovering he won a division one prize worth over $1.4 million in Saturday’s TattsLotto Superdraw. 

The Geelong resident held one of the 14 division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 3963, drawn Saturday 13 July 2019. Each entry took home a division one prize of $1,428,571.4. 

Sharing his joy with us this morning the overjoyed winner recounted how he discovered the life-changing news. 

“I’m still in a bit of shock and disbelief, to be honest!” he laughed. 

“It feels so surreal. It’s just brilliant! 

“It’s a bit of a funny story really. I was out at the shops on Saturday and decided on the spur of the moment to put a ticket on. 

“I hadn’t mentioned the last-minute decision to my wife so on Sunday I said to her ‘right, I’m going to check my lotto ticket to see if I don’t have to go to work on Monday’. 

“I logged onto the website and checked my numbers and realised that now I don’t have to! 

“I called out to her to get a second set of eyes on it and after she saw it too we were both screaming!” 

As well as telling the boss he’s no longer planning on coming into the office, the happy man revealed he had a few other plans for his win. 

“I think we’ll pay off the mortgage and then do some renovations to the house,” he explained. 

“We might look at getting an investment property too. 

“I hate my job so I can’t wait to quit it, but my wife loves what she does so she’ll keep working. 

“I might use this time to study something new but for the next little while I think I’ll just be a house husband!” 

The thrilled winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry at Grovedale Newsagency, Lotto & Post, 19 Peter Street, Grovedale.

Grovedale Newsagency owner Josephine McCann said she was extremely happy that their outlet had sold their first division one winning entry. 

“We’ve owned this business for nine years and we’ve never sold a division one winning entry so we are ecstatic!” she exclaimed. 

“In fact the shop has been here for nearly 40 years and we don’t believe there has been a prize this big won in all this time. 

“It’s such a team effort from our store. As soon as I heard the news I text the whole team to let them know that we’ve sold a winner. 

“They are all so excited and there is a buzz in the store today. 

“Grovedale is a very strong, hard-working community and we hope that this is the first of a run of big prizes for our customers. 

“We are thrilled the win has gone to a local and we wish him all the best!”