A Notting Hill woman who won a TattsLotto division one prize on the weekend is thanking a last-minute decision to mark her entry with her special numbers after ditching a QuickPick with “rubbish” numbers. 

The Melbourne winner held one of the nine division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4081, drawn Saturday 29 August 2020. Each entry took home a division one prize of $555,248.73. 

“I nearly collapsed from shock when I checked my ticket,” the winning woman told an official from the Lott this morning. 

“I was trembling. I tried to keep it together. 

“I never thought I would win!” 

The Melbourne woman explained how she came to hold a division one winning ticket. 

“I first got a QuickPick, but I didn’t like the numbers – they were rubbish – so I selected the numbers myself… and won!” she shared. 

“I’m glad I did as I only got one winning number and a supplementary on the QuickPick. 

“The numbers I picked were birthday numbers and dates that have some meaning to me. Now I think they’re really good numbers. 

“It’s funny as I was sitting outside channelling my numbers and I remember trying to decide whether to pick 44 or 45, but I went with 44. 

“I kind of feel as though I had some intervention from above. Something happened to help me select those numbers.” 

With her bank account set to balloon by more than half-a-million dollars, the regular player said she already knew how she would use her prize. 

“It definitely gives me great comfort moving forward, especially at a time like this,” she explained. 

“I’ll share some with my family, but the rest will sit in the bank so I can build a nest egg for an early retirement. 

“It’s pretty amazing. It’s pretty special.” 

The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her marked System 10 entry online at www.thelott.com – Australia’s Official Lotteries.