Imagine winning millions with an entry you shared with your nearest and dearest! From what we hear from our winners, it’s a pretty incredible feeling!

By playing with a group of your workmates, friends or family, you can pool your money to buy a bigger lotto entry, which could increase your chance of winning. This is otherwise known as a syndicate! If the syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally amongst all team members and the joint celebration ensues! 

Ahead of the $20 Million Superdraw Saturday on 30 March, we are sharing some of our favourite Superdraw syndicate winners and explaining the differences between the syndicates available.

Private syndicate

A private syndicate is where you can play with your family and friends and pool your money to purchase an entry.

A syndicate leader is responsible for collecting the money and purchasing the entry in-store or online.

A group of mates from the New South Wales Central Coast area of Lake Munmorah were ecstatic when they discovered their entry had won a division one prize of just over $1.5 million in the $20 Million Superdraw Saturday on 18 June 2016. 

“There are thirty of us who will share this prize money! We’ve played Lotto together for quite some time. We all throw in a few dollars and buy an entry together in the big draws,” the syndicate leader explained.

Based on 30 people sharing in the $1,595,526.38 prize each syndicate member received a boost to their bank balance of $53,185.00!

Not bad for a few dollars, hey?!

To help organise your private syndicate, we’ve created SyndiMate – an online tool that helps you keep track of your team and set up your entry before buying in-store. You can find out more here.

In-store syndicate

You will notice that many of our outlets have a syndicate wall in store, displaying all the syndicates available.

Each individual syndicate listing will detail the game and the draw the syndicate is for, along with the syndicate’s name, cost per share and entry type.

In the $20 Million Superdraw Saturday on 27 October 2017, a long-running store syndicate named ‘Bream Creek’ took home a total division one prize of $2,857,142.86. It was one of the eight division one winning entries from this Superdraw. There were 10 members in this syndicate who each took home a sizeable share worth $286,439.45!

The syndicate had been running for more than 30 years and Kawana News & Gifts owner Jono Milligan told us the story behind the syndicate’s unique name.

“It’s named after one of my favourite bottles of pinot noir from Tasmania” he said. 

We have no doubt the syndicate members celebrated with a few bottles of wine!

Now that you know a little more about syndicates, why not band together with your loved ones and grab an entry in our upcoming Superdraw Saturday on 30 March!