The third Superdraw of 2021 saw 11 joyous Australians experience the winning feeling and become millionaires on the weekend. 
The division one winning entries in Saturday night’s $20 million Superdraw event spanned Australia, including a TattsLotto syndicate win that saw 36 Victorians share in a division one windfall.  

In total, there were three division one wins in New South Wales and Western Australia, two in both Victoria and Queensland, and one in South Australia.  

Each winner had their own special story on how they anticipated spending their division one prize, and as always, we were more than happy to tune in and listen.  

A Central Coast woman started her week off with the big news! 

After checking her ticket straight after Saturday night’s draw, a Central Coast resident was filled with butterflies and was unable to stick to her day-to-day routine as she thought about was her division one prize. 

“I was up for the rest of the night. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep last night either!” she exclaimed. 

When we spoke to the winner on Monday afternoon, she explained how she would be carefully using her prize.  

“We want to spend it wisely and really make the most out of our prize,” the Saturday division one winner revealed.   

The thoughtful mother told us the first thing she would do with her winnings would be to assist her loving family and finally pay off the house mortgage.  

Glenelg local envisioned his winning entry 

A Glenelg family man always knew he would win a division one prize in his lifetime, so he wasn’t overly shocked when we broke the news.  

The South Australian had initially put off checking his winning entry, and then out of the blue, decided it was time to see if he had won – which he had! 

The family man revealed he invited his brood over for a party to celebrate the big prize. 

“I am so happy we’ve had this win because it will make a big difference to our family’s life,” the winning man declared. 

Nerang grandmother ready than ever for retirement  

A Nerang woman who had been eagerly awaiting the moment she could finally retire is looking forward to handing in her resignation letter after winning division one.  

After she checked her ticket, the disbelieving Queensland winner went to her family for reassurance. 

“I couldn’t believe it. I had to run down to my son’s house and get him to double-check it,” she said. 

Besides handing in her resignation letter and never working again, the grandmother looks forward to helping her children and grandchildren, and paying off her house mortgage.  


In addition to the eight division one winners, there were over two million winners in divisions two to six who shared over $23 million in prize money! 

Keep an eye out for our next Saturday Lotto Superdraw… it’s sure to be huge!