A Mooroolbark woman has discovered she’s over $4 million richer after winning division one in TattsLotto on Saturday 22 September.

The thrilled winner was the only division one winner nationally in TattsLotto and takes home a prize of $4,115,786.02.

When we spoke to the winner she confessed her heart is still racing after she discovered the news when she received an email from TattsLotto stating she had won an undisclosed amount.

“I looked up the winning numbers and I got my ticket out to check and tick, tick, tick – I had six numbers in a row! I couldn’t believe it!

“Then the heart started really racing!” she exclaimed.

The retired woman revealed her multi-million dollar win would help the people at the top of her Lotto List – her beloved children and grandchildren.

“You’ve got no idea! It is going to be life-changing for my family – just unbelievable!

“I’m fortunate that I own my own house and I am very comfortable, but my kids struggle and work really hard to pay their mortgages.

“To be able to see their faces when I told them I will pay their mortgages for them – well, it put a smile on my face.

“We are going to go on a holiday as a family too! We will all go away together.

“The kids told me ‘Mum, that’s it! You are getting a new car. I don’t care what you say, you need a new car!’ So I suppose I’ll get one
of those too!

“We all went out for dinner as a family last night and celebrated,” she said.

The rapt Mooroolbark local revealed she is a regular TattsLotto player.

“I had been playing TattsLotto for ages with my husband and even after he passed away I kept playing our numbers.

“It’s just a dream come true!” the overjoyed winner declared.

“It’s been a long, long time! My kids said ‘Oh Mum it’s about bloody time!

“I’d always kept wishing and hoping it would happen and today that dream has come true!”

The generous mother and grandmother purchased her 12-game QuickPick entry at Mooroolbark Lotto Centre, Shop 14, 83 Brice Ave, Mooroolbark.