A Salisbury woman who has always dreamt of winning the lottery can now say her dream has come true after receiving a phone call from us revealing her $1.25 million Saturday X Lotto win.

“You’re joking! This isn’t a scam, is it?” the winning woman asked when we revealed her lottery loot.

“I can’t believe it! Is this for Saturday X Lotto?

“The ticket has been sitting in my bag the entire time. I had no idea!

“This is the best day! I’ve been playing for a long time.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear that!

“I’ve always dreamt that this day would come.

“Thank you so much.”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her life as a newly made millionaire, the South Australian revealed it would help her upgrade the big and small things in life.

“Well, for starters, I need a new phone! It’s been playing up,” she laughed.

“I’ve always wanted to build my very own house as well.

“I need to upgrade my car which is more than 20 years old.

“There’s so many things! How exciting.”

Her winning 12-game entry was purchased at Para Vista Tom’s Dell, Shop 7, 275 Nelson Road, Para Vista.

Para Visa Tom’s Deli owner Thanh Phan said he was overjoyed to have sold a division one winning entry to a regular customer.

“It’s wonderful news for Para Visa Tom’s Deli, and we were so excited to hear that one of our customers had picked up a $1.25 million win from our outlet,” he said.

“It always feels like we’ve won ourselves when we sell a winning ticket!

“We wish them all the best with their prize and thank them for supporting Para Visa Tom’s Deli. We hope their prize goes a long way!”