What would you do if you won a share in this weekend’s $20 Million* Superdraw Saturday? 

Would you embark on an overseas trip of a lifetime with your best friend, buy a holiday house for your family, or share it with your nearest and dearest at the top of your Lotto List? 

The possibilities would seem endless after you’ve discovered you’re a Superdraw millionaire!

To ignite some inspiration in wannabe winners, we asked Jane^, a previous Saturday Lotto Superdraw millionaire, to share what she did with her division one win. 

From planning her dream holiday travelling on the Indian Pacific train, to setting up long term investments and building a fancy new home, Jane said her life has completely changed for the better since she won division one. 

In fact, she said ‘it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it’. 


How did you use your prize?

“I split my winnings into portions,” Jane explained. 

“One portion was for spending on new cars, holidays and gadgets. One I set aside for long-term investments. One I gave to my partner for him to do with as he pleased. The final portion I gave to my immediate family. I split it equally between each family member and let them use it as they wished.”

What has winning allowed you to do?

“Winning has allowed me to buy things I would never have afforded before,” she said.

“I bought a brand new car with all the bells and whistles. We knocked down our home and are in the process of replacing it with a much fancier house. 

“We have planned a three-week dream holiday travelling on the Indian Pacific train, stopping in the major cities. Then I am going on a family trip on The Ghan, which is something we have always wanted to do.”

Did you tell anyone about your win and how did they react?

“As I run the lottery syndicates at work, I decided to announce to the whole company in a morning tea that I had won division one,” she said.

“Sharing the winning news with people was actually so much fun. Everyone was so excited for me! They had tears in their eyes, developed stutters, their jaws hung wide open as they processed the information and they uttered statements such as ‘oh my god’. Everyone really was so happy for me!”

What advice would you give to division one winners?

“Don’t be extreme with your purchases. Fancy cars, speedboats and caravans have high insurances that need to be paid every year,” she laughed.

“You need to plan for the future before you consider buying these to see if you can afford the upkeep. Also, try three different financial planners before you settle on one, to find the best fit for you.”

Sum up how you feel about winning?

“Winning Saturday Lotto was always something that I dreamed of and today, it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.”


Wouldn’t it be nice to win a share of the $20 million on the table for this weekend’s Superdraw Saturday?

We can’t wait to hear all the plans of this Saturday’s division one winners.



^name changed for privacy reasons