A Strathmore woman has come forward this morning to claim her $1 million TattsLotto win, explaining she’d only checked her ticket after seeing a Facebook post about a mystery winner in the suburb. 

There were six division one winning entries across Australia in TattsLotto draw 4191, drawn Saturday 18 September 2021— two of these landed in Melbourne. Each division one winning entry took home $1,048,320.62. 

So far in 2021, there have been 25 division one wins in North Melbourne collectively worth more than $24.48 million. 

Speaking with us, the Victorian admitted she felt like she was on cloud nine following the exciting discovery. 

“Oh my god! I am in shock,” she cried happily. 

“I have a tradition of going to the newsagency each week to check my ticket and to buy a new one for the next week. I’ve been doing this for years and years. 

“And now I’m here, being told I am a millionaire! This is insane! 

“On social media, I had read they were on the hunt for a winner from Strathmore. I hoped it was me but didn’t think it actually would be. 

“I am trying to take it all in. This is very overwhelming. 

“I really need to process this all. I’ve never had this much money before! This is crazy!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her windfall, the Melbourne local said she was too overwhelmed to make any concrete plans. 

“I really don’t know what I will do with the prize,” she shared. 

“I would love to donate some to charity. But I am not sure what I will do with the rest. 

“I’m a millionaire! It’s amazing!” 

The winning entry was purchased at Strathmore Post & Lotto, 313 Napier Street, Strathmore.

Strathmore Post & Lotto owner Praveen Pinnamaraju said he was happy to hear his division one winner had claimed their prize. 

“We are so happy to hear the winner now knows of this exciting news,” he shared. 

“It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know we’ve helped changed one of our customer’s lives. 

“Everyone always talks about how lucky we are, and we certainly feel it now! 

“We are just so excited to sell this ticket. We only took over the shop just over six months ago, so it’s a big moment for us. 

“The previous owners had sold four division one winning entries over the last decade, so it’s very exciting. 

“Congratulations to our winner! We hope she does some amazing things with her prize, and we’d love to thank her for her support.”