A Somerset woman declared she received the “loveliest surprise” when she checked her TattsLotto ticket and discovered she scored over $620,000 in division one prize money. 

The Tasmanian winner held one of the eight division one winning entries nationally in TattsLotto draw 4085, drawn Saturday 12 September 2020. Each division one winning entry took home a prize of $621,499.92. 

Sharing her joy with us this morning, the thrilled woman revealed she was still in shock. 

“Thank you! That’s great! What a lovely surprise! The loveliest!” she exclaimed. 

“I checked my ticket yesterday, and I couldn’t believe it. It was just a bit of a shock. 

“It was a lovely shock. I never thought I would win. I’ve been playing for years. 

“I’ve been playing the same numbers all this time. They aren’t special numbers, and I just chose them at random. But when I saw them all circled on my ticket, they became special then. 

“I’m just so shocked at the moment. I haven’t told my family yet. I wanted to wait until it was confirmed. 

“They are about to get a nice surprise too!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her windfall, the happy woman said she had one particular item on her wish list. 

“I think I am going to use it to buy myself a new house with a garage!” she declared. 

“Where I live now doesn’t have a garage, and I’ve always wanted one, so I’m going to buy a new place with a nice big garage. 

“I might even buy myself a new car to go inside it.” 

The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her marked 12-game entry at Somerset Newsagency, 45 Wragg Street, Somerset. 

Somerset Newsagency owner Colin Ramsden said he was thrilled to have sold his outlet’s third division one winning entry. 

“This is the first time we’ve sold division one in about six or seven years, so we are very excited!” he exclaimed. 

“We are so excited and happy for our customer. It’s nice to have someone from the local area have a win. 

“We’ve decorated the store and put up a big sign to let all of our customers know we’ve sold a big one. 

“Everyone is coming in to chat about it! We’ve been telling them they might be our next winner! 

“Congratulations to our winner – we wish her all the best!”