The first Superdraw for 2019 is fast approaching and if you’re sitting at home wondering what entry type you should purchase, you’re in luck!

A single-game System entry could be just the ticket for Aussie adults wanting to become Lotto millionaires.

This ticket type has landed the most Division 1 wins in the seven Saturday Lotto Superdraws held last year.

All up, 61 Superdraw millionaires were created each taking home a share in more than $133.4 Million across the Lott’s jurisdictions.

Of these 68 Division 1 winning entries, almost one-in-five (18%) were single-game System entries.

System entries allow you to choose more numbers in a single game giving you more chances to win across multiple prize divisions. The Superdraw Division 1 winning System entries last year ranged from a System 7 to a System 20 entry.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top five entry types to have scored Division 1 wins for in 2018’s for Saturday Lotto Superdraw below.

Rank                 Type of entry                                      Number of Superdraw Division 1 wins

1                      Single-game System entry             11

2                      18-game entry                                  9

3                      50-game entry                                  8

4                      12-game entry                                  8

5                     36-game entry                                  4

Of the Superdraw Division 1 winning entries last year almost three-quarters were QuickPick entries, where the numbers were randomly generated by the lottery terminal.

Each of the seven Saturday Lotto Superdraws in 2018 created millionaires, and in some cases, multi-millionaires.

Looking at the different entry types that have scored that coveted Superdraw Division 1 win, they range from single-game marked entries through to 50-game QuickPicks and multiple System game entries favoured by syndicates.

Regardless of which entry type you pick, it’s important to remember that you do need an entry into the draw for the chance to win a slice of the $20 Million Division 1 prize pool.

Imagine if you became an overnight millionaire from Lotto Superdraw! What would you do if you won Superdraw on Saturday 16th February?